Monday, March 18, 2013

Welcome to LENA-Estonia website!

This project has received support from the Lifelong Learning Programme. The authors of this publication are responsible for the content published on this website. The European Commission is not responsible for any consequences coming from the use of contents published on this website.

LENA-Estonia is a term marking the work of Estonian team of "Grundtvig LENA 2012-2014", which is an educational project acting under the European Lifelong Learning Programme "Grundtvig":  

The word "LENA" means LEarning NAtural values in Europe. And that's what we do working with this project. Five partner organizations from four European countries joined LENA in February 2012. Since August 2012 this two-year-long project is in action.

Welcome to the project "LENA"  learning natural values in Europe!